vento laptop

What is Vento?

Vento is the result of a collaboration on a school project of Martijn Keesmaat and myself. The goal was to make something you've never made before, so we chose to make a WooCommerce theme.

We started making a functional prototype, which we then ported over to a responsive HTML, JS and Sass version. After completing the design and prototype we ported the template over to a Wordpress theme.

Editing this theme to your likings is really easy, all the settings can be found in Wordpress.

You're able to select which WooCommerce products you would like to show on the homepage.

The result

A fully responsive Wordpress theme with WooCommerce support with loads of customization options such as the header image, footer widgets and the blocks on the homepage.

I learned a lot about WooCommerce and Wordpress during this project. I did get stuck at some points during development, which meant that the end product is not as fine-tuned as I would've liked. Overall it was still a great learning experience though.