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What is Team Arcadia?

Team Arcadia is een bedrijf gevestigd in Minnesota, USA. Het bedrijf verzorgd professionele IT oplossingen. Team Arcadia is gespecialiseerd in applicatie ontwikkeling, data beveiliging en code optimalisatie. Waar Team Arcadia vooral bekend voor is is het maken en onderhouden van gameservers. Het bedrijf heeft meer dan 25.000 constante connecties naar hun servers.

The client requested a clean, simple but premium website.

By using modern techniques and tools like Gulp, Sass and Foundation I made it easy to maintain and further develop this site in the future.

The result

A fully responsive one-pager, a clean and professional website made with the latest web-building tools and standards.

Before the start of this project I had never used Gulp in a real-world project before, so that was very exiting. It was also my first time working for an American LLC, so all communication was in English. I really think the project turned out well, and it's awesome to see my product being used in a fast-growing company.